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Rugs & Canvas Care


Most rugs can be washed  using a little detergent. Refer to care labels.


To help maximise the durability and life of your rug, please follow the instructions thoroughly:

  1. Prior to using we recommend thoroughly wet the canvas with a hose and let dry fully in the sun. This is necessary to allow the fabric to settle, failure to do this may cause leakage in initial exposure to rain.

  2. Store when only clean and dry.

  3. To remove dirt, brush dry fabric with a soft brush.

  4. Never scrub the canvas and do not expose to petrol or oil.

  5. Remove any mildew as it appears, first by brushing then treating with bleach (1 part bleach to 4 parts water) allow to dry in full sun then hose to remove any residue.

  6. Do not use soaps, detergents solvents or liquid cleaners.

  7. Exposure to the elements and excessive cleaning may affect the water proofness, occasional re-proofing is recommended.